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How We Help Our Students

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    Choose your career path with our career advisor

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    Learn new skills online with practitioners from the TOP companies using only a laptop

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    Get practice and create a portfolio of real projects

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    Get a certification and show it in your LinkedIn

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    Get assistance with your resume and interview preparation with our Career Center

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    Land a demanded highly paid job and secure your future

All advantages to study in GROWIA

Why Our Students Choose Us


We offer 100% money back guarantee if a student don’t land in a one year after the graduation

Top experts

You will learn only from experts who have practical experience and work in leading companies

Beginner friendly programs

Our courses are designed for beginners  who want to acquire a new profession from scratch

Career support

Your personal career manager will guide you through the employment process right until your job offer

Real projects

During your studies, you work with real cases and practical tasks that you can add to your portfolio

Learning by practice

We help to master new skills through practical training so that you will be ready for a real job

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Our Geography

  • Czech Republic
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  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
We help change lives and build dream careers

Our Mission

We create online courses for motivated people with different age and backgrounds  from all the globe who want to land a new job quickly. Practice and mentors with the best experts in digital, IT and management - that’s how you will master the profession and strengthen your skills. With us you will change your life and build the career of your dreams.

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